Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Never rains, pours

Had to turn down an invitation to address the International Leadership Association because I am presenting at APRENDRED-IV

Two excellent looking conferences, each on topics of great interest to me. If only one, or both, was actually in SL.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MOOCs in Virtual Worlds

Getting set up for a couple of MOOCs this fall. and CMC11
I'm on the roster for week 8 of CMC11.

I've been participating in these fabulous learning experiences for a few years now starting with the earliest instances but mostly with Connectivism08. Each one has been an excellent learning experience no matter what level of attention I was able to pay.  It is an amazing way to get to meet with people with similar interests and to participate in all sorts of activities.

In many past MOOC's  a group would meet in Second Life. Some participants were experienced in SL but many took the opportunity to learn and explore a virtual environment and evaluate it as a part of their personal learning environment and as one that they would like to investigate for use for various education related purposes.

I am offering the use of my space in SL as a meeting place to discuss the weekly topics and as a starting point for further exploration of SL, networking, maybe a little dancing etc.

If you are familiar with SL, the meeting space is at

If you are not familiar with SL you can start here to get set up and there are usually many welcoming avatars to help you get oriented.